Our Story

Beauty For All Occasions


Anya Roux began in the streets of Italy more than a decade ago, when founder and artisan, Skyler Rigby, lived in cities such as Rome, Naples, and Palermo. It was there that he came to understand slow passionate living like he never had before.

His experiences sparked a desire to create lasting products with meaning and beauty woven into each step of the process, not just the end result. Using the best leathers from the region of Tuscany and his superior skills as a leather artisan, he set out to fulfill his mission and provide exceptional leather goods to the public.




So began the journey that brought us here.


Through a decade of refinement, the first true offerings of Anya Roux were released early spring of 2024. The Origins Collection is archival leather pieces that have shined through the past decade and lived up to the passion that we aspire to share. Each piece is designed and produced in-house by our hands. An ateleir experience derived from the very regions it originates from. We hope you enjoy the leather goods we give life to, but more so, we hope they bring a sense of true passionate living back into your life, and provide an experience you can enjoy for years to come.


It's Pretty Simple

We are passionate about life and we belive it is worth living authentically.

We value heritage quality, beauty in the details, and life long memories.

We craft out leatherwares with these values in mind.

Because a life lived with passion bears the most beautiful fruits.


Detail and Elegance

Becoming a leather artisan takes years of devotion.

To honor that time, we've kept a limited selection of our favorite leather offerings available. This is our legacy.

This is, The Origins Collection.